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About Us

Dedicated to a professional approach to software engineering, we believe we can build and deliver quality products and enjoy the experience at the same time!


We can provide any or all of the following in our holistic ‘care’ package – catering for all aspects of software development, from inception to delivery!

Ideas & Design

Ideas sold as a service? Yes! Creative thinking is a vital element to get the design process on the right track. We can help grow your initial inspiration into a cloud of blue sky thinking ready to be whittled down and distilled into pure design. Or, we can turn over...

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Proof of Concept

Fail early. You may think that’s a negative outlook – but it’s not. It’s quite the opposite! Doing a proof of concept for your design before entering production can save you a lot of time and money later on in development. What if you’ve missed a crucial part of the...

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Tools & Processes

Depending on the scale and scope of your project, tools may be needed to help improve efficiency and streamline development – or indeed to make development possible in the first place. Here again, we can help! We’ve written countless tools over the years – from data conversion, image processing to...

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Agile. Scrum. Waterfall. Iterative Development. Test Driven Development. Business Driven Development. We do all that! Windows, Mac OSX, Linux (a little), iOS, Android (a little), XBox, Playstation, Nintendo GBA (a while ago!). We do all that too! Objective C, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, Assembly Language. Games, promotional...

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QA & Shipping

QA – the most undervalued, and often the most ignored aspect of software development. Although you can (and should!) ‘build in’ quality – with Test Driven Development, unit tests, soak tests and so forth – there’s no getting away from the fact that most of the time a user is...

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Every now and then a project ends up – shall we say – a little worse for wear. It’s gone off the rails, or been left high and dry. That’s where we come in. Analysis, diagnosis and prognosis – all valuable skills for software engineering use. We’ll tell you how...

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