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About Us

Dedicated to a professional approach to software engineering, we believe we can build and deliver quality products and enjoy the experience at the same time!

Tools & Processes

Depending on the scale and scope of your project, tools may be needed to help improve efficiency and streamline development – or indeed to make development possible in the first place.

Here again, we can help!

We’ve written countless tools over the years – from data conversion, image processing to database manipulation and backup/restore systems. We’ll analyse the problem, and the requirements for the processes involved – and design a tool (or set of tools) to handle the problem more efficiently where possible.

We can also analyse your work processes – how design/creative/engineering/testing all interact – and suggest improvements where possible. Can the flow of information or data between the team be improved? Does everyone in your team use a common and agreed Content Management System, or Source Control Management? What about test builds the testers need from development? Or that creative need to see their work running ‘as is’?



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