Games, Books and Apps for that!

About Us

Dedicated to a professional approach to software engineering, we believe we can build and deliver quality products and enjoy the experience at the same time!


Agile. Scrum. Waterfall. Iterative Development. Test Driven Development. Business Driven Development.

We do all that!

Windows, Mac OSX, Linux (a little), iOS, Android (a little), XBox, Playstation, Nintendo GBA (a while ago!).

We do all that too!

Objective C, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, Assembly Language.

Games, promotional applications, business applications, productivity, tools.

We do all these as well!

We’ve been developing software for 14 years, over a dozen platforms, languages and environments, countless Software Development Kits – primarily for the Games Industry. But, we’ve found that this high pressure, dynamic and demanding development environment has given us the edge over the experience ‘typical’ IT backgrounds might give.

Versatility, inquisitiveness, creativeness, fast turnaround, rapid troubleshooting and faster bug fixing. All skills gained by a series of high profile and high budget products, honed and refined into razor sharpness.

All these skills and this experience, yours to command!

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