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Proof of Concept

Fail early.

You may think that’s a negative outlook – but it’s not. It’s quite the opposite!

Doing a proof of concept for your design before entering production can save you a lot of time and money later on in development.

What if you’ve missed a crucial part of the UI (as often happens)? With a POC, you can address the problem before any production code is written – saving a lot of re-engineering time and effort that would most likely have happened just before release, meaning stressed developers, more QA and a delayed shipping date!

You can also flesh out the look and feel of the product early, and you have something tangible in your hands which can be used for demo and marketing purposes without putting strain on your developers, artists, or testers as they build the actual product.

Factoring a Proof of Concept into your project may seem like needless additional cost and time – but depending on the scale and scope of your product, it can be invaluable. Every project we’ve shipped which used POC’s made it simpler, and easier to produce the final product using the lessons learned from the POC itself.

To be recommended!

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