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Insurmountable Odds

We’ve published the first part of When Stars Fall!

Insurmountable Odds is the first part of the exciting sci-fi epic, When Stars Fall, a trilogy set in the Dominium universe.

Now available as an eBook from the following vendors;

Google Play
Amazon Kindle

Paperbacks available via CreateSpace

The Sulranian Empire is the largest, and most stable ruling body every to grace the Dominium globular cluster. Spread across 30,000 star systems, it is benevolent, largely peaceful, and has reigned supreme for millennia.

When they lose contact with a system at the edge of the Empire, they quickly realise nothing will ever be the same again.

Nelsen Rybek, a Captain of Imperial Naval Intelligence, finds himself an unwitting companion to Andreya, a woman with no idea who she is, both caught up in the pivotal moment which threatens to push this mighty Empire into a war it cannot possibly hope to win.

Together with their formidable stealth ship, the Valkyr Sneak Thief, somehow they have to unravel the mystery of this implacable foe, whose numbers defy all odds, and whose actions defy all logic. There are no threats, no parley, do demands, just devastation and ruin.

As the Empire strives to contain the escalating destruction, they find every single technological advancement they can bring to bear against this new enemy is rendered futile, and virtually worthless as the enemy seize control of their fleets, and slaughter their crews without pause.

Insurmountable Odds is part one of the trilogy, When Stars Fall – an epic saga set in the Dominium computer game universe – and is the culmination of a 20,000 year long backstory that will change the nature and shape of the Dominium Globular Cluster forever.

They have no idea what’s coming…

Rave Reviews!

“… I think this first contribution from Saunders is I really brave stab at some new and creative content. It certainly has several homages and extensions to Simmons work; after the first few chapters taking flight and holding its own. … There is also alot of fan service – huge explosions, super hard scifi!”
Alex Jones – Five Star Google Play Review

“First class SF! Seriously good read, if you miss the work of Iain M Banks and like Peter F Hamilton you will love this. It really does fill the void left by the sad passing of Iain M Banks. Well written, great characters, depth and width and un-putdownable. Read it!!”
Dave Norman – Five Star Amazon Review

More info on the book, and a sample of the first three chapters can be found here

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