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Dedicated to a professional approach to software engineering, we believe we can build and deliver quality products and enjoy the experience at the same time!


  • Boardpad


    BoardPad is an iOS  and Windows Mobile Application by ICSA Software International, which provides numerous FTSE-100 clients with a system to organise and manage secure paper-less meetings. Meetings with supporting documents (including…

  • CaseNotes


    CaseNotes is an iOS Application designed to allow you to securely capture and organise information - typically for incident reporting.

  • Sky Go

    Sky Go

    Sky Go - the multi-award winning Mobile media streaming app for iOS for B Sky B.

  • History Here

    History Here

    Produced the original web-service backend used for the iOS Application, along with the frontend web API. Developed for the History Channel by Deluxe Digital Studios, the app ran on iOS…

  • Liverpool Shootout

    Liverpool Shootout

    Score goals against a keeper, or by hitting targets - branded for the Liverpool Football Club.

  • Music Box

    Music Box

    Music Box – another existing product that needed some bug fixing, and some last minute pre-publish adjustments for Bright AI. Another children’s game for the Early Learning Centre, where the…

  • Colouring Fun

    Colouring Fun

    Colouring Fun : more bug fixing, and changing a few of the colouring templates and painting code. Colouring Fun was a children’s game developed for the Early Learning Centre by…

  • Manic Martians

    Manic Martians

    Bug fixing as an iOS Consultant for Bright AI A childrens game, developed on behalf of the Early Learning Centre, where the objective is to tap Martians on the head…

  • Digital Comics

    Digital Comics

    A proof of concept on iOS, giving a 'fully working walkthrough' to show the potential of Digital Comics on a tablet platform.

  • Bus App

    Bus App

    An educational app for Android that was commissioned by West Nottinghamshire College, to train bus drivers on the various routes and stops within Nottingham.  

  • Topsy and Tim Start School

    Topsy and Tim Start School

    An interactive book for iPad based on the iconic childrens books by Jean and Gareth Adamson.

  • Gavin & Stacey

    Gavin & Stacey

    Project oversight whilst acting as an iOS Consultant for BBC Worldwide by Deluxe Digital Studios. This project is actually two applications – a video board, and a sound board with content…

  • Million Dollar Quartet

    Million Dollar Quartet

    A small amount of bug fixing work, and testing for a promotional app developed by Toolbox Design Ltd.

  • The Mighty Boosh

    The Mighty Boosh

    Project oversight, and a spot of tweaking after it was finished. Developed for BBC Worldwide by Deluxe Digital Studios. Developed by Toolbox Design Ltd. The app itself was a simple…

  • Red Dwarf – The Dibblifier

    Red Dwarf – The Dibblifier

    Project oversight and some bug-fixing / tweaking pre publication. Developed for BBC Worldwide by Deluxe Digital Studios. Based on the iconic Red Dwarf TV series, The Dibblifier allowed you to…

  • Premier Christian Radio

    Premier Christian Radio

    Project oversight, and ultimately some bug-fixing / changes for a media streaming app which served content direct from Premier Christian Radio.

  • Prayer Beads

    Prayer Beads

    A simple app to move prayer beads along a string, for Premier Christian Radio. Developed with Unity.

  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

    Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

    A promotional game developed to tie in with the movie release, this comprised of 3 mini-games : Minotaur, Pegasus Shoes, and Save Percy. Minotaur was a static 3rd person scene…