CaseNotes is an iOS Application for Blackthorn Technologies Limited, designed to allow you to securely capture and organise information – typically for incident reporting.

Everything you capture (notes, photo’s, video, audio etc.) is encrypted on disk, even the iOS CoreData database itself. Data integrity is monitored to assure you if it has been tampered with outside of the application, and a full audit trail is kept of any changes to the cases you maintain.

A plethora of bespoke anti-hacking counter measures have been implemented to secure the application itself – naturally no details given! It’s aimed at large corporate or security concious organisations, or anyone who has a concern with Data Protection and confidentiality.

CaseNotes comes in two varieties at present – CaseNotes Pro, available on the public app store – and CaseNotes Enteprise which is available through the Apple Volume Purchasing Programme.

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