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About Us

Dedicated to a professional approach to software engineering, we believe we can build and deliver quality products and enjoy the experience at the same time!

About Us

I formed Mak Software Studio back in 2000 in order to develop Rainbow Islands on the Nintendo GBA. Sadly, lack of publisher interest left it merely a nice “demo” of what the game could have looked like.

Throughout the years I’ve worked with a great bunch of other game developers, on numerous projects both commercial and private – all of us determined to make great games and applications and enjoy the process. Basically – to do software development ‘the right way’.

Of late, I’ve been focusing on iOS development, working with another great  bunch of companies and developers to produce a number of shipped products on the app-store, both for clients and our own (such as Sky Go, and CaseNotes Pro).

Check out our portfolio for details.

We also have UK Home Office ‘SC’ Security Clearance, allowing us to work on security restricted content and applications – feel free to contact us if you are looking at projects which are security sensitive.

In the background – outside of the normal day-to-day delivery! – we’re also collaborating with Pixeldad, SolCommand and a hardened crew of game vet’s, we’re taking on the most ambitious project ever in our down time – Dominium! So watch this space! Literally! 🙂